The lawsuit between Delaware's Attorney General and the City of Seaford is being heard Thursday, at 11am. 

Seaford passed the "Dignity Ordinance", an ordinance to require the dignified burial of fetal remains, last December by a 3-2 vote and with the full support of the mayor. Delaware's attorney general vowed to sue Seaford over this ordinance, and Judge ?? in the Court of Chancery will hear this case on May 12.

"When you decide to take action, IT MATTERS. Refuse to believe the lie that it doesn't. When you show up to support people who are taking a step of courage, it's like a fan to a flame that ignites courage when it's needed most." - Nicole Theis, President, DFPC/DSF

December 14, 2021. We filled the city council chamber; there were green shirts everywhere! If you were there, then you felt the tension as Councilman Dan Henderson's made this comment that landed like a "mic drop" moment.


​1. Work with local officials to promote LIFE in our communities. 

​2. Recruit and cultivate young pro-life influencers. 

3. ​Support the effort to get the first mobile ultrasound unit ready with trained staff.

4. ​Purchase signs, banners, and other materials that advance the cause. 

5. ​Unite, network, and strategize with other pro-life leaders and ministries across the region.

6. ​Train sidewalk counselors to minister to women considering abortion.

7. ​Provide gospel-centered post-abortive services to women and men who have been hurt by abortion.

8. ​Train and support women who want to give testimony of their experience with abortion in the legislature.

9. ​Equip and inform Delaware families, friends, and neighbors about abortion and why we must intentionally rebuild a culture of Life in Delaware.